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Superkart Nationals Entries

Cmon you tardy drivers that have not yet sent in their entries for the Nationals!

You have exactly one week to get them to Bev and I strongly suggest you either email them or send them by Courier as you cannot rely on NZ Post to get them here within a week.
Be aware that Late Entries will cost you an additional $160.00

Remember that you need to have the min numbers of entries reached for the class to be run so get those entries in now and make the Nats a 50 or more entry sized event. If you want the Nats to continue you MUST support them and the SKDC has done a huge amount to try and make things cheaper to hold the event and even be viable with the huge costs to hire the circuits. With the current entry numbers the club will loose alot of money even with the car support classes. The SKDC club only ever wants to cover costs thats all.

Taupo Jan 15-3

Taupo Jan 15-2


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Entries are still welcome so get your entry in for the best N…
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Ross Tait published an article

Cmon you tardy drivers that have not yet sent in their entries for the Nation…
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The biggest bang for the buck adrenaline rush in racing!! Superkarts have been likened to miniature Formula1 cars, racing on the same famous long circuit tracks around the world that F/1 and IndyCars do, at speeds in excess of 100mph and are, without doubt, the F/1 of the kart racing world. Being fitted with 6-speed motorcycle engines, 4-wheel disc brakes, full bodywork with rear wing, these karts have come a long way from Art Ingels' first "go-kart" and hold outright lap records at many tracks around the world.