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Hi there and welcome to MyKart

Here is a positive interactive meeting place where all karters can meet and share stories and discussions


If you want to start a group go for it, might be a Masters points or a KZ2 group up to you but go ahead and get started. Groups can be open to or all closed user where you approve who joins. Clubs may also find it a great way to develop interactive discussions and support for events or special occasions, you know whats happening so tell the world (NOTE: All groups are subject to approval at this stage from Site Admin just so we don't get too much duplication)


The intention here is to support the karting and , there is a whole lot of news and views out there that is not relevant to KSNZ that could be published here so now is your chance. People want to know who had the rivalries, who had to start from rear of grid, who was just super quick, and of course who had the crazy off, forgot to do up their wheels, ran out of fuel


YOU TELL THE STORY. This is the news we want to bring to you. Include as many pictures as possible, because people love pictures! Well written stories will be featured on the front page for everyone to see. Upload photos and videos


This is a family show so please use your real name on MyKart. If you've signed up with a pseudonym, you can change it to your real name by clicking the settings button on the right of screen. Thanks for joining up, feel free to ask questions in the forum


Please read the Forum Guidelines First and NOTE NO POLITICAL OR SLAGGING MATCHES PLEASE